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Hello Friends,
I want to inform you of a change I have made with my business.
With much thought I have decided I will NOT be tattooing anyone under the age of 18 any longer.  
The reason I used to tattoo between 16-18 years old was because I knew they would find a way to get their tattoos and I wanted them to be safe.  
But what I have found is that between this age most do not take care of their tattoos properly and almost always need touch ups. Not all but the majority do not follow the aftercare or even understand how a tattoo needs to heal.
So my conclusion is that under 18 is too young to get and take care of their tattoo, and my reputation is at stake for doing so if there is any problems.
Ojas Cats

Pricing and policies 
for making an appointment 
at CaTs TaTs

Remember At CaTs TaTs I always use the best quality inks and equipment with your safety and the environment in mind.

I charge by the piece rather than by the hour, as having over 20 years experience now I am very quick. I also like to be fair with my pricing so you get the best value for your money with it averaging out at around $150-160/hr with my minimum charge being $95.

I will take a non-refundable deposit of $50-200 based on size of the piece you are wanting to get; based on time needed for the appointment and any drawing that I may need to do. 

The deposit will come off of the cost at the end, when the tattoo is complete. The deposit just shows me you are serious about the work getting done.

The deposits can be sent to my email via online email transfer or dropped off at studio with arrangements.

If you do not show up, show up over 30 minutes late or cancel without sufficient notice for your appointment then you forfeit your deposit, unless an emergency was the case and a need for re-scheduling was needed.

Sufficient notice is 48 hours or 5 days for a Saturday appointment.

Any money paid in advance of the tattoo is considered a gift certificate/credit and is also non-refundable but can be transferred to another or saved as a credit, no refunds.

If you decide after any drawing is done that you do not want to get it tattooed for whatever reason and just want to have the drawing then there would be a fee for the artwork based on time spent doing the drawing and deposit already paid.

Free touch ups are given within 3 months of getting your tattoo ONLY if you follow the aftercare and touch-ups only cover pieces that I may have missed, not for adding more colour or changing anything.

Any other questions please email me at


made by Ojas of CaTs TaTs


Check out and Like the Facebook page for TaT-Dew

TaT-Dew is a revolutionary new product that will help change 
the way you get a tattoo!

No more petroleum products like Vaseline or A&D Ointment are needed in the process of acquiring a tattoo!
That's right TaT-Dew is all you need!!! 

To slow and virtually stop any inflammation and redness in the skin, as well as, the bleeding that is associated with getting a tattoo. 

TaT-Dew helps set the stencil and ink into the skin. 

Will not clog your artists needles or your pores, or breakdown gloves like  petroleum based products do.

Use less TaT-Dew than other products 
and you will be able to sit longer while getting your tattoo and 
be happier with less pain!

There are only 6 ingredients that are 100% pure and natural...
castor oil, coconut oils and organic filtered white beeswax as a base and essential oils of roman chamomile, spikenard and rock rose.

Tat-Dew can be used as a tattoo aftercare product to 
soothe and moisturize the skin during healing.

Tat-Dew can also be used for any type of skin ailment 
from burns, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, cracked or dry feet or lips  
and can be used on all skin types.

Packaged in glass jars with metal lids to again reduce plastic petroleum packaging.
Cruelty free

Only $8.95 for a one ounce jar
And $29.95 for four ounce jar


Scalp Micro Pigmentation
is the world’s fastest growing solution for hair loss with no surgery or pills, zero downtime and guaranteed, permanent, consistent results.  Scalp micro- pigmentation is the process of placing tiny deposits of pigment within the upper dermis of the skin. 

Who is Scalp Micro Pigmentation suitable for?
Anyone who is losing their hair, has a thin spot or is balding regardless of age, ethnicity or the extent of their hair loss.  This is also the ideal solution for alopecia areata, alopecia totalis or universalis, or those with traction alopecia. This is also commonly used to conceal scars acquired following hair transplant surgery. This includes linear strip scars, FUE scars and historic plug scars in both the donor and recipient areas.

How does the process work?
Your treatment will be typically spread over 2-3 sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours. There would usually be a gap of a week between your first and second sessions, and another gap of 1-4 weeks between your second and third sessions. This is to allow your pigments to ‘settle’, so we can see what is required to do during your next session.  Pigment fading between sessions, and in the 2-3 months after your final session, is normal and expected.

At Cats Tats Skin Art Studio we understand the precision and technique required to complete a hair pattern or skin colour that is convincingly accurate to the human eye. We recognize that each case is different and we deliver the same excellent results for every individual client.

Want to know more contact me today!!!





These art pieces are one of a kind original tattoo art.  They are each hand crafted and burnt into pieces of solid wood and finished with a light shellac finish.  

All pieces will be signed and dated making them a truly original for your collection or even better a gift for someone special in your life.

Start your collection soon...



CaTS TaTS Newsletter

    Summer 2015

Hello Friends,

It has been awhile since I have written to you all.  It has been a busy summer season indeed.  

Starting in May I cruised over to Creston once a month in the mobile van.  This has been a hugh success in bringing in a whole new string of clients from the east shore area.  I set up every month in the same convenient spot just on highway 3A.  September 12th will be our last trip over the pass until next spring.  

Keep the mobile van and tattoo party in mind for next year, and be sure to book well in advance as it just got busier as the summer progressed.

I have also noticed that my clients have expressed their appreciation for the little extra I do with the aromatherapy and sound therapy.  I have also helped some in their day to day lives with hints on breath work and simple exercises that can be done.  

So to further this part of my business I would like to extend an extra service as an Intuitive Healing Coach.  I can do a private reading for anyone who may be interested in a little more than just the tattoo.  If interested in more information or cost just message me. 

Thought I would also like to take this opportunity to give you a little insight into what I do behind the scenes to clean and make sure you all stay safe when I do your tattoos...

At the end of each day I start by scrubbing and rinsing off all the ink and debris from the tubes (the tubes are the grip/handle part of the machine that the needles run through) with small brushes.  The tubes then go into a liquid solution of hot water and cleaner in an ultrasonic machine.  This machine creates heat and ultrasonic sound that puts tiny little bubbles on the surface of the instruments that implode removing any particles I may have missed in the scrubbing process. 


Once this process is finished then the tubes are removed rinsed, dried, inspected for any damage and packaged in their paper packages that will be put into the autoclave/sterilizer.

The tubes go into the sterilzer for 25 minutes at 265 degrees farenheit at about 17 pounds per square inch of pressure.  This ensures that all micro-organisms cannot survive.  Making everything sterile for use, provided the packages stay clean and dry for a few months.

Well That is just a small part of what I do each day...I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do that I want to do nothing short of excellence...that is what it is all about!

Until next time...

“You are what you ink”


Ojas Cats - owner/artist 

Cats Tats


Mobile Cruiser Trip to Creston

On June 13th and July 11th, I made a mobile Crusier run to Creston BC
and it was a fabulous time. The weather was most excellent as well..with lots of happy clients :)

Book now for our next Mobile Trip to Creston on August 15th


CaTS TaTS Newsletter 
Spring 2015

Hello Friends,
Well looks like we will be heading into summer in the next couple of weeks, so soon it will be time to show off our new ink ...but it is also a time to travel and vacation.  So no better time than now to get some ink before swimming and suntanning are a factor in your healing and care.  

Now that we are talking vacation time and traveling...
Once again the MOBILE unit is cruising and could be coming to your town soon... 

I am setting up in CRESTON once a coming up on June 13th, July 11th, August 15th and the last one on September 12th.  It will be the same location for all the dates.  On highway 3A near the Ramada Inn, inquire and book today for your spot.

Also looking into coming to KASLO and GRAND FORKS areas.  If you want me to come to your town then give me a call so I know how many of you are interested in me coming to you.  If I get enough interest I could be coming to you next.

Lately there has been a lot of talk again about how to care for your new tattoo.  It seems that every tattooer has their own method, but what I have found is that there is a common denominator in all methods.  

The commonalities in regards to care of your new tattoo are;  that your tattoo needs to stay clean,  you should not touch it unless your hands are clean, you need to wash it without submerging it and to not dry it off with a towel to use a clean cloth or air dry it.  If you put a product on your new tattoo it should be a very minimal amount once the tattoo starts to dry out and applied lightly and left to absorb into the skin, so that the skin can breathe.  Very important...the skin needs to breathe to promote the healing process.  It also helps to use a natural product, the more natural the better, where you can actually read what the ingredients are. If you are unsure of how your tattoo is healing ask the professionals like your reputable tattoo studio or doctor, not your buddy!

Finally just a couple reminders...

I will not copy someone else’s tattoo so do not bring in a picture of someone else’s tattoo from the internet for me to do...I am an artist and love doing custom tattoo work, that is what I do.

To book and hold an appointment or to get me started on a drawing I take a minimum $50 deposit which can be sent via email transfer or dropped off at the studio.  Consults can be done in person or via email.

Also I am a one person tattoo studio so I answer the phones, emails and texts myself.  I try to get back to you all as soon as I can, but sometimes it takes me a day or two....but I will get back to you.  If I do forget or miss your message and you have not heard back from me then give me a gentle nudge  again.
Hope you are having an inspirational day and I hope I get to see you soon. 

“You Are What You Ink”



What are tattoo inks?

Well guess what?!... you can't be 100% certain because manufacturers of inks and pigments are not required to reveal all of the contents of their inks.

Tattoo inks are not really ink they are composed of pigments that are suspended in a carrier solution. The purpose of the carrier solution is to disinfect the pigment suspension, keep it evenly mixed and provide for ease of application.

Today's pigments can be made with original minerals, metal salts, plastics and vegetable there are health risks involved, allergic reactions, scarring, phototoxic reactions (IE reactions from exposure to light especially sunlight) and other adverse effects.

There are also pigments that glow in the dark or in response to black ultraviolet light and these pigments are notoriously risky being radioactive or toxic. 

There have been bad reactions to cheap black ink made in China.

Red is not the only colour you can have a reaction to, it is the most common colour to have a problem because it can contain cinnabar or cadmium pigments which are highly toxic...but I have seen reactions to yellow, blue and green.

So in conclusion when going to get a tattoo ask your artist what kind of inks they use. Ink that is used in the tattooing process in Canada must be distributed by a dealer in North America. So ink that is from China is not ok. Plastic based inks look bright are intensely coloured, and many people have reported reactions to them.

So if you have any allergies it is best to explain that ahead of time to your artist too, as you just never know what is in the ink used and more and more people are getting tattooed all the time.

At CaTS TaTS, I personally use good grade inks that are non-toxic and vegetable pigment based, but you still never know.

Getting a new tattoo soon...Be Safe!! 



CaTS TaTS Newsletter
January and February 2015

Hello Friends,

Well it has been awhile since I updated you all on the latest and the greatest news at CaTS TaTS...

Well it was a quieter holiday season last year and we rolled into the new year just the same....with not much news happening.

January saw Cory Chisholm Environmental Officer from Interior Health come in for the yearly inspection of the studio.  It was nice to meet a new inspector who is here from the coast.  He has more experience dealing with tattoo studios and what to look for.  He was suggesting that there are studios out there that don’t do what is suggested in the guidelines.  He also stated that shops that went strickly to disposable tubes and pre-made needles are now realizing that not having a sterilizer/autoclave in the studio is detrimental.
Of course I had no problems in the studio or the mobile cruiser.

...Speaking of the mobile cruiser...


I will be setting up the mobile cruiser in a convenient location in Creston on HWY 3A once a month on the second Saturday of each month starting... 

So all you friends in Creston who want work, now is your chance to get booked in so call, text 250-352-5575 or email now!...and please help spread the word!

Another new development that has been working out quite well is the implementation of the deposit to hold time for an appointment.  This minimum deposit of $50 is non-refundable and goes toward your tattoo cost.  Now with the new technology it is simple to just email transfer the money without having to come in to do this.

Well that is all for now...
I will write and keep you informed about more again soon...

Ojas Cats




Hello Friends,

Something occurred this past week at work that upset me very much, being the sensitive being I am. I learned a lot.  Life is like that, provided you take the positive approach to it.  I want to  now take a not so positive experience and make it better for all...  

I learned that people can slander your business, even put it into writing that they plan on doing this, and unless you can prove in writing and in court that you have lost business because of their slander there is NOTHING you can do about it.  Slander is basically an American term and means nothing in Canada.

I had an event happen this week that had quite an effect on me and perhaps to some future business as well.  Which is why I printed new rules on my page and am writing this now.

I had a mother call on the telephone to make an appointment for her daughter.  They were both considering the same design.  They had their design already completely drawn up and picked out.  The mom said she was not sure she wanted her tattoo yet as it was their first one, but wanted to watch her daughter get her tattoo first.  I explained that there really was no need for a consultation if the image was drawn already, that a consult was only needed if I needed to do the drawing.  Any other information about tattooing is on my website. I explain I can re-size the image at the time of the appointment if needed.  We leave the conversation with her telling me she will get her daughter to send the image via email so I can send the price, so they can know the price for the appointment I  just set up for them on the telephone.  I get the image via email and send back the price of $250 confirming the appointment time again.
So to make the story a bit shorter when the mom and daughter arrive for the appointment the first thing that is said to me by the daughter is “I cannot get the tattoo today because I did not get paid”.  

I had booked 2 hours to do this work, so I explain she will have to pay something for my time. It is not fair I should make no money either because at this last minute I cannot fill the time.  If you do a last minute cancellation with any appointment you are required to pay something. I tell her $20 per hour so she will owe me $40.  She then refuses to pay anything or re-book saying it was only suppose to be a consultation, even though the mother is confirming it was suppose to be for the tattoo not a consult.  They leave paying me nothing, with the mother apologizing stating she will be back with at least the $40.  

End of week comes so I send a text and email asking if I will be getting my $40 figuring I was not getting the re-book.  They then returned multiple text messages calling me a “thug” saying they have heard I have done this before to many people.  That they are going to the Nelson Police, City of Nelson, and the Better Business Bureau for being rude and trying to extort money and harassing their daughter, as I did no work and it was only suppose to be a consultation appointment.  I even got a scary threatening phone call from the father for harassing his daughter?!  Leaving me no recourse but to type up my statement and now go to the Nelson Police Department regarding my fears and threats from them.

I now know that sending the email to ask again for the $40 was MY MISTAKE, even though I was out the money, it was a reminder again that some people twist truth and they had already done that.  

It saddens and bothers me to think that one teenager who did not get her tattoo the day she wanted it, can wreak so much damage with her words.

I now know that I will send this family forgiveness and much love <3 span="" xo="">

I hope you all know me as a professional business person that this is so beyond what or who I am as a person now.  I just want it known that I did and do my best at all times.  Every single one of you I consider special and my friend.  I am honored to be able to work on an intimate level with each one of you.  I also know that one person like this can have an effect on someone’s business with their slander.  Bad news goes farther than good.  Some would say “why are you even putting this out there?” but I say I am an honest person and the truth and my integrity matter to me and I want people to know why we have to make rules in the first place, now there will be NO more grey areas. 

So, people I ask you to please make your own assessment and judgements if you need to.  Listen to your own inner voice when making decisions about my work or anyone else’s for that matter, and not base your decisions or gossip on the words of others.

Again here are the NEW RULES for 2015:

1. All tattoos now require a minimum $50 non-refundable 
deposit to make an appointment.
This can be done via online banking e-transfer or cash dropped off at the shop.

2. Consultations are done ONLY if you are needing me to do a 
     drawing or more research is required. If you have what you want 
     done but only needs re-sizing or slight alteration then that can be
     done at the time of the appointment.

3. I will NOT be doing finger, hand or foot tattoos any longer unless
     you are fully covered with tattoos and have no other space...LOL
    As I cannot just take your money and have you have a badly 
    healed looking tattoo because tattoos don't last in those places.

4. I will give you FREE touch-ups ONLY if you follow your aftercare.

5. I will NO LONGER be giving pricing online, all pricing is done by
the piece not hourly...If you are worried about price we can 
negotiate with your budget so you pay exactly what you can.

Thanks again for your support.

Many Blessings and Love to you all,
May All Beings have Happiness,

Ojas Cats

CaTS TaTS Newsletter

Late summer to Early winter 2014

Hello Friends,

Wow, has the time sure flown by this year...winter is now upon us.

So, I am here to fill you in on all that is new at CaTS TaTS since the last newsletter.

As the summer moved on I found myself very very busy this year and really want to take this moment to really thank all of you.  You are all very special to me and I truly appreciate you bringing your business to me and also recommending me to your friends.  I consider you all my new friends.  This brings me great joy because as you know, I love what I do.

I am loving my new website thanks to my good friend Griffin Rain who re-did my site after having some difficulties with my last one.

I am loving that I can post new work, blog and keep you all updated on a regular basis on what is happening at CaTS TaTS.  So check the site on a regular basis for specials etc.

Speaking of specials...I had a special on in October whereas if you sent in a photo of your tattoo done by CaTS TaTS and /or stated that you wanted a tattoo or another tattoo done by me you were entered into a draw for $100 gift certificate.   Congratulations to Heather Slack for winning.

Right now I have a Special on til December 13th...

For every food item you bring in for the food bank you will receive $4 off your tattoo.  Up to 10 items, but feel free to donate more!!!

Some conditions apply ask me for more details when you book an appointment.

Well, lastly but not least as some of you know I worked very hard this past month on my own accord re-writing the guidelines and regulations for tattooing in British Columbia.  I feel as though it is my duty to inform the general public and potential clients what is required of a tattoo studio in order to be safe and clean.  I have submitted this re-write to the health inspector in my area.  He has since come back to let me know that what has been written to be very helpful, and he has submitted it to his superiors for review.  He has also asked if I would like to speak with them as well.  What I hope for with this is that all health inspectors will also have a better understanding as to what to look for when they go into a new or existing establishment.  With my experience in the tattoo industry for over 20 years it has been my experience that the inspectors are overworked and don’t know all the ins and outs of tattooing so some shops get by with not doing all they should.  As I have said before there are two types of shops ones that are stereotypical only being about intimidation and money and ones like myself that care about your safety and well-being, including the artwork and environment.

All I can say is buyer beware and do your research so you can be safe.

Well I will end this today wishing you all the best of the Holidays and if I don’t see you before have a wonderfully blissful New Year!!!


Ojas Cats


711 Houston Street

Nelson, BC

V1L 5J3



Let's help fill the food bank for the Holidays!!!

For every item you bring 

to DONATE to the food bank 

I will give you 


Feel free to donate as much as you like 
Let's make this the best holidays ever!!!


*(up to 10 items, some rules apply talk to Ojas for details)
**Offer good from November 12th to December 13th, 2014)


What's New at CaTS TaTS this month???

Well been working for a while on updating new regulations so go to the facts page and read more about your safety...


Winner Announced

The winner of the $100 tattoo giveaway is 
Heather Slack.
Congratulations Heather!!


Think it is time for another 


for all my clients old, new and still to come....

here are the rules:

1) You MUST post a picture of one of your tattoos done by 
CaTS TaTS on the Facebook Page timeline saying "I WANT ANOTHER TATTOO BY CaTS TaTS". 

2) Like and Share the CaTS TaTS Facebook page.

3) If you have not already had a tattoo by CaTS TaTS then you just need to post the words "I WANT A TATTOO BY CaTS TaTS" on the Facebook Page timeline.

4) If you do NOT have a Facebook account you can enter by email with the subject being ...


you will then be entered into a draw for $100 off your next tattoo but only if you follow all the rules...


Draw will be done on October 31st at noon and notified via email or Facebook account.


New Phone has arrived!

Ok everyone I got my new Iphone 6 Plus so all the technology issues have now been resolved...
You can still however TEXT ME at 250-352-5575 or contact me all the other ways as well.
Talk to you all soon!!!


OK friends feeling frustrated with technology...
As of September 24th 2014, I am having trouble with my phone I am not able to answer calls (no microphone) can TEXT ME at 250-352-5575, leave a MESSAGE and I will call you from my home phone or EMAIL ME directly at
Have ordered a new Iphone 6 ...10 days ago but of course I am still waiting...will let you know when it is all sorted out!

Great News...
Now accepting 
all major credit cards!!!
Yes, that is right I now have Square.  What is Square well it is an attachment I put on my iphone that allows me to swipe your card and take a payment, with an email receipt to you.  How convenient...I also am still accepting email e-transfers with online banking too.


Vancouver Pride Celebrations 
August 2014
Here I am with 
Canadian Folksinger Educator Activist Kate Reid
Kate supports Cats Tats by getting all her ink done by Ojas.
Support Kate and all the great work she does...go to her website at
Photo credit to Belle Ancell Photography


June/July 2014 Newsletter

Hello Friends,
Yes, the months are just flying by....and I have been so very busy.  Thanks to you all this has been one of my best years yet.

The latest news I have for you is to just go to  and check out my new website.  I am super stoked with the new design and colours.  It is also much more user friendly for me to upload new photos, update info and write a regular blog for you to read.  It will always be a work in progress and I like that idea.  Don’t like anything going stale.

At this time I only accept cash.  I have been also accepting e-transfers for clients who do online banking.  This has worked out to be an easy option, rather than debit.  I am still in the works figuring out the best payment method for you the client who want to use a credit card instead.  Keep a look-out for information on that coming soon.

I also spent time working with ANKORS putting together a NEW safety in body art pamphlet, targeting Hep C information.  Did you know that Hep C can live on a surface for up to 4 days...and with perfect conditions up to 60 days.  So really important to make sure your tattoo studio is really clean and wiped down completely with proper cleaning products such as Cavicide between clients.  Everything should also be covered with disposable plastic and or paper/plastic medical/dental type coverings.  It is also important that your artist looks clean, wears NO jewellry as in a watch, bracelet, rings or make-up as the machine when working creates a fine mist of back splash of ink and blood.  

Some of the new studios also feel it is NOT important to have an autoclave/sterilizer in their shop.  They feel that because they are using disposable tubes and needles they do not have to have one.  I personally think that all shops should have an autoclave/sterilizer, as there are other things in the studio that would need to be sterilized like wash bottles, scissors, trays etc.  I do not feel just wiping them down with a cleaning product is you?  So if unsure ask your studio on their feelings on this.  

Anyhow I am going to sign off for now...but want to leave with one last suggestion.  If anyone is interested in wanting to know more information about the health guidelines or have any concerns regarding tattooing please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Remember not all tattoo studios are the same, do your research and be safe.  

“You are what you Ink”

Have a bright and wonderful day full of gratitude,


Ojas, owner of Cats Tats in Nelson, is taking the show on the road. — Suzy Hamilton photo

By Suzy Hamilton, The Nelson Daily
There’s a philosophy behind the art of tattooing says BC’s first mobile tattoo artist.
“It’s a healing art as far as I’m concerned,” said Ojas, owner of Cats Tats in Nelson. “People want a sense of belonging; it’s a shared experience with other people who have tattoos.”
“Everyone one is coming in for a reason, whether they know it or not.”
And after a three year effort to become certified by Interior Health, Ojas is taking his show on the road, making him the first of his kind in BC, he said.
“The competition drove me into it. We have three full time tattoo artists in Nelson for 10,000 people. I needed to broaden my horizons.”
If people in the little towns like Mirror Lake and Christina Lake couldn’t get to him, he’d go to them. “The sticking point with IH was that I couldn’t do my tattoos in their homes, it had to be in a mobile unit.” 
So after customizing his van to include hot and cold running water and setting it up to meet IH specifications, Ojas tackled getting his mobile business insured.
“I had to go to the top, but I finally found one,” he said.
The response to his “tattoo parties” has been very encouraging, he said. “People were pretty excited when I finally got ( the mobile unit) licenced.”
Detailing his van was not far from his roots. After art school he became a  certified motorcycle mechanic and detailed motorcycles for a living. It struck him that detailing art was similar to tattoo art.
That was 15 years ago and since his arrival in Nelson in 1998, hundreds of personal expressions have been inked on Kootenay bodies.
The day is over when clients choose from designs on a wall, like picking out wallpaper from a catalog. Now clients walk in with a topic or design in mind and Ojas creates an image for them before it goes on the skin.
Subjects become fashionable and fade away. Mysterious characters of the Chinese alphabet have been replaced with quotes.
“It’s all about being free or wanting to feel more,” he said.
Little silhouetted blackbirds now adorn many tattoos instead of the butterflies of before.
But one thing is clear, said Ojas. “A tattoo is the one thing people can buy that can’t be taken away.”  Therein may lie the sense of empowerment and a connection to collective unconscious he said.
In the last several decades, tattoo body art has become a mainstream part of global and Western fashion, but it’s not just the young who are choosing to tattoo themselves, said Ojas.
The average age of his clients is 25-45 years old, but lots are over 60, many seeking a memorial for their lost partner or loved one.
It may not be hard to explain the rise in popularity in tattooing after seeing his designs and  the spa-like clinical setting which he has now copied to the inside of his van.
"Inks have gotten better, the machines are better, tattoos are now more visible and the status of the art has changed,” he explained.
And on a more personal level, “ the state of the world…it’s not a really great place. Young people come to me and they are lost. I think they are needing to feel pain to release pain.”

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