Saturday, 9 August 2014

June/July 2014 Newsletter

Hello Friends,
Yes, the months are just flying by....and I have been so very busy.  Thanks to you all this has been one of my best years yet.

The latest news I have for you is to just go to  and check out my new website.  I am super stoked with the new design and colours.  It is also much more user friendly for me to upload new photos, update info and write a regular blog for you to read.  It will always be a work in progress and I like that idea.  Don’t like anything going stale.

At this time I only accept cash.  I have been also accepting e-transfers for clients who do online banking.  This has worked out to be an easy option, rather than debit.  I am still in the works figuring out the best payment method for you the client who want to use a credit card instead.  Keep a look-out for information on that coming soon.

I also spent time working with ANKORS putting together a NEW safety in body art pamphlet, targeting Hep C information.  Did you know that Hep C can live on a surface for up to 4 days...and with perfect conditions up to 60 days.  So really important to make sure your tattoo studio is really clean and wiped down completely with proper cleaning products such as Cavicide between clients.  Everything should also be covered with disposable plastic and or paper/plastic medical/dental type coverings.  It is also important that your artist looks clean, wears NO jewellry as in a watch, bracelet, rings or make-up as the machine when working creates a fine mist of back splash of ink and blood.  

Some of the new studios also feel it is NOT important to have an autoclave/sterilizer in their shop.  They feel that because they are using disposable tubes and needles they do not have to have one.  I personally think that all shops should have an autoclave/sterilizer, as there are other things in the studio that would need to be sterilized like wash bottles, scissors, trays etc.  I do not feel just wiping them down with a cleaning product is you?  So if unsure ask your studio on their feelings on this.  

Anyhow I am going to sign off for now...but want to leave with one last suggestion.  If anyone is interested in wanting to know more information about the health guidelines or have any concerns regarding tattooing please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Remember not all tattoo studios are the same, do your research and be safe.  

“You are what you Ink”

Have a bright and wonderful day full of gratitude,

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